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Grudge mongering

2009-12-16 22:56:48 by supernova07

So i just got into a piss fight with this chick (at least i think it was a chick, ughhh) on FurAffinity, because I was apparently being an asshole to this artist.

I said some things, she said some things. I made personal attacks, she made fun of my dick, same old, same old.

But I've been thinking about it for a while because it made me reflect on these two points, which were the main reasons he/she/it tried to give me a verbal ass kicking (which she didn't, that bitch/bastard.)

1) I am acting like an arsehole

2) what right do I have to criticize someone's work, when my own work is nothing special

well this first is easy. YES I AM AN ASSHOLE. Its my nature. I'm an anti-social, pretentious little fucker. I admitted to it right in front of catgirl. But what bugs me about it is that I asked the artist prior to this event, to tell me if I was being an ass. Instead the cocksucker sends in Ms. Angelkitty to give me a tounge lashing. If the artist had just told me I was being an ass, I would have worked on it. But apparently I'm just some attention grubbing dumbass that isnt worth telling to piss off to them. Holy crap, I'm below them? An artist with barely any concept of the basics whos draws gay, sultry figures, and an artist who takes pride in the fact that her sole character, is an angel winged catgirl running around in skimpy leather. I'm below them? Now THATS a scary thought.

Now the other one really made me reflect on myself. I'm pretty sure all critics have asked themselves this before. "I'm no proffesional director/artist/writer/potato farmer, so what right do I have to judge these people?"

But then they answer it quickly because there not stupid.

We do have the right, and we dont. There's nothing stopping us from sharing our opinions. Nothing to stop us from telling them how shitty what there making is. But I'll share Cat things opinion about being an asshole. You dont have to be an arse when telling them there shit stinks. I was, for the most part, an arse. So I deserved the tounge lashing about that. But that doesn't piss me off, what pisses me off is that they felt all my criticisms were M00T because how I said them.

and also that my untalented ass isn't allowed to say bad things about other people's hard worked art.

So apparently I have to be Vincent Mother Van Fucking Goh in order to tell them that there lighting doesnt make any sense. Apparently, because I make a wise crack about how the character's arm looks dislocated, the fact that I pointed out his character's arm is dislocated from the body becomes null and void.

In what reality does this shit make sense?!?

I dont have to be a proffesional chef to tell that your steak is under cooked and is infested with worms. I dont have to be Mr goody good for my remarks to make sense or matter. Hell, the only damn thing you need to have to give atleast some decent critic is to simply have some goddamn standards.

In fact, a very important thing these people on places like DA and FA forget is that the art world is MEAN. IT IS CRUEL. YOU WILL BE BATTED AWAY WITHOUT A SECOND GLANCE. There are no kawaii desu ^w^ comments or OMG SEXZY remarks. The proffesional art world is unforgiving and will not have a second thought in telling you how, in every way, you suck.

So, in conclusion, I'm not taking crap about why I critizice, but I will calm the fuck down if the artist wants me too. Well, unless its like, incredibly bad. Then they deserve a good ass kicking for even putting that shit on the internet.


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2009-12-16 23:21:48

Well, atleast you know your an ass.

supernova07 responds:

thank you. Oh, and, your mother